Phone Holders

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:66 x 110 x 86mm | Print Area:Dia 40mm

    With this imprinted Stress Cloud Phone Holder , you'll be floating right over the competition and towards a bunch of clients who will be eager to embrace your new marketing campaign.

    This item has a great imprint area and would look fantastic with your business name, brand or logo on, great giveaways at any event or trade show.

  • REF: S2075

    Smiley Phone Holder

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:90 x 105 x 80mm | Print Area:15 x 25mm

    Connect with your existing and potential customers with this anti-stress smiling phone holder.

    Print on the chest or back of the smiling stress reliever with your brand's artwork and your phones will be ringing in no time!

  • REF: S2003

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:40 x 88mm | Print Area:10 x 25mm

    Get your message in front of your existing and potential customers with this promotional Stress Mobile Phone Holder and increase your business.

    This item makes it a fun,useful, low cost desktop item.

  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:78 x 148 x 78mm | Print Area:35 x 35mm

    Why not treat your phone to a luxury Stress Sofa Holder to sit in? You can prop up your mobile phone for frequent glances at the screen.

    These come in multiple colours and has a large area for your logo or message.

    These Stress Sofas are unique, amusing, promotional products that will be a hit at your next trade show or event.

  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:45 x 78 x 130mm | Print Area:40 x 15mm

    This Stress Car Mobile Phone Holder is an ideal fun promotional product for handing out at any event or trade show.

    Also this item is a useful, low cost desktop toy getting your message infront of your existing and potential customers and would look great with your company name, brand or logo on.

  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:78 x 88 x 88mm | Print Area:Dia 40mm

    This Stress Football Mobile Phone Holder is the perfect gift and handout to any footie or soccer lover!

    Get them imprinted with your company name, logo or slogan and get your message out there.

    Score a goal with your customers by giving them one of these to sit on their desk for all to see and receive winning scores when they call you up for more business hopefully coming your way!

  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:85 x 88 x 85mm | Print Area:45 x 45mm

    Pack a punch with this Stress Boxing Glove Phone Holder.

    These Customised stress relievers will make sure your customers are outfitted with the equipment needed to remember your companys name.

    This is a unique and popular item, great for relieving stress and having fun!

  • REF: S0275

    Stress Toilet

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:100 x 60 x 90mm | Print Area:Dia 45mm

    With this Stress Toilet placed atop the stack of books and magazines, you can take branding to places its never been before!

    It is an item that's sure to get attention and would be great to advertise different kinds of businesses.

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:125 x 38 x 22mm | Print Area:15 x 20mm

    Connect with your existing and potential customers with this anti-stress mobile man .

    Print the mobile man stress reliever with your brand name and telephone number and your phones will be ringing in no time!

    This anti-stress house man makes a low cost, fun promotional business gift.

    Fun Stress Shape with movable with arms and legs a great novel long lasting gift ideal for any desk!

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:85 x 74 x 80mm | Print Area:Dia 30mm

    It's the irony of handheld devices that one of the first features most people ask about is the hands-free feature.

    But there are so many other features (speakerphone, video playback, music playback) that are more convenient if you can just rest that phone against something.

    That's why phone holders make such wonderful promotional accessories, since they allow your potential clients to simply enjoy those hands-free features without worrying about the phone falling over.

    Our original stress shape has been specifically designed to comfortably hold a huge range of mobile devices securely within the 2cm gap behind the chair's arms.

    Unfortunately, sometimes a hands-free feature isn't enough to ease someone's thoughts and that's when they need a stress reliever.

    And if you can't decide whether to hand out phone holders or stress relievers at the next big promotional event, have we got a giveaway item for you.

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:80 x 60 x 85mm | Print Area:20 x 30mm

    Our stress mobile phone stand is trully a one of a kind item designed by ourselves in the UK.

    It's sturdy pyramid shape ensures your mobile device's stability and sits at the perfect angle to see incoming mail and skype/facetime calls.

    One of it's many special features is the tidy channel that leads to the front and back of the base of the item which allows cables to be fed through and kept neatly underneath such as charging and auxillary cables.

    The stand has four flat sides to maximize branding potential and has two arms that cradle your mobile devices.

    Weighing only 37g it's cheap to mail out and store away in large quantities.

    This is a fantastic addition to the home or office and an essential promotional mobile accessory.

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:90 x 85 x 80mm | Print Area:30 x 15mm

    This Stress Armchair is a fun, useful, low cost gift and will make your customers feel as comfortable as possible at your next trade show or event.

    By handing these out to them, with your company name and details on, they will know who to come and sit down with to talk business.