• REF: S0255

    Star Keyring *

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H40 x W40 x D15mm | Print Area:Dia 15mm

    With this Stress Star Keyring, your remain first and foremost on the minds of your target audience!

    Customers will gaze at your logo on a daily basis if its printed on these promotional Star shape, your contact details will be right there to greet them.

    Give away these custom stress products for any occasion and your sales could be sky high!


    • Shine brightly at your next trade show
    • Made of high quality PU Foam
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Product size H40 x W40 x D15mm
  • REF: S2031

    Stress Cross

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H90 x W60 x D25mm | Print Area:50 x 20mm

    This Stress Cross would be perfect for building up your organisation.

    It would be ideal to handout at big events,seminars, campaigns or meetings, to let people know what your message may be that is imprinted on this Stress Cross, it is a truly unique shape and can be printed from one to full colour.


    • Squeezy Fun
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Perfect Promotional Product
    • Product size H90 x W60 x D25mm
  • REF: S0650

    Stress Droplet

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H75 x W60 x D60mm | Print Area:Dia 35mm

    Make a splash with this Stress Droplet.

    This great stress balls will keep your clients refreshingly cool throughout their day.

    Great for promoting your company and advertising your logo or slogan to give these stress items a fun personalised touch everyone will appreciate.


    • Bespoke Colours Available
    • Made from High Quality PU Foam
    • Fast Delivery
    • Product size H75 x W60 x D60mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:H145 x W40 x D20mm | Print Area:40 x 15mm

    The Stress Lightning Bolt is a great way to electrify your marketing campaign.

    This unique shape appeals to all ages, and the concepts of energy and light can be applied to any advertising campaign.

    So give these out at any event or show and get into your customers hands in a flash!


    • Great promotional Product
    • Ideal for many industries
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Product size H145 x W40 x D20mm
  • REF: S0667

    Stress Arrow

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H60 x W100 x D30mm | Print Area:15 x 35mm

    Point your marketing plan in the right direction with the customised Stress Arrow.

    Because they are such great promotional products , logo arrow stress balls can be designed to fit any marketing need.

    Let your customers know they are on the right path with you by giving out these stress items.

    They have a unique shape which makes it easier to grip and would look perfect with your companys details, brand or logo to giveaway at your next trade show or convention that way you can get your message out there without going to far off track!


    • Bespoke Colours Available
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Great Promotional Product
    • Product size H60 x W100 x D30mm
  • REF: S0795

    Stress Drop Keyring

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H47 x W38 x D38mm | Print Area:20 x 15mm

    Make a splash with this Stress Drop Keyring.

    This great stress ball will keep your clients refreshingly cool throughout their day.

    Great for promoting your company and advertising your logo or slogan to give these stress items a fun personalised touch everyone wll appreciate.


    • Perfect Pocket Size Promotion
    • Low Cost Product
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Product size H47 x W38 x D38mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H70 x W70 x D25mm | Print Area:20 x 50mm

    If you have an emergency and need help especially with your marketing then look no further than the Stress First Aid Cross.

    It will be able to promote and respond to your customers needs quickly by advertising your event, cause or campaign on the good sized imprint area from one to full colour.

    This is a perfect giveaway for any current or potential clients who have one of these would know who to call and come to in a heartbeat.


    • Great Giveaways
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Product size H70 x W70 x D25mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H19 x W80 x D62mm | Print Area:35 x 50mm

    Punctuate your brand's creativity with a stress ball that really speaks to your customers like this Stress Speech Bubble.

    Put this easy recognisable symbol to work for you, they translate well when they sit on desks for display purposes so print your ground breaking message, details or logo on it and get it out there!


    • Brilliant way to get your message across
    • Popular Promotional Product
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Product size H19 x W80 x D62mm